Unreleased Francesca Woodman Photographs at Art Basel

Francesca Woodman, House, no. 3

Have you ever seen a work of art and had that moment? It’s not logical, yet it’s not quite emotional. It’s a transportation. You couldn’t explain it to someone, and you couldn’t even explain it to yourself. It’s just there, but it’s powerful.

That’s how I felt when I saw House, no. 3 by Francesca Woodman in a magazine. I can’t go any further without reaching into a big bag of cliches, so I’ll leave it at that. You’ve had the same experience at some point, so you know the feeling.

Now we get some very cool news from The Art Newspaper. The Gagosian is going to display three of Francesca Woodman’s photographs at Art Basel, two of which were previously unreleased:

The next showing of work by Francesca Woodman’s photography is so small it is hard to call it an exhibition: three of her small vintage prints going on display at Gagosian’s booth in Art Basel. […] Two of these prints have not been exhibited before and the other is a prime example of a famous image by the artist, known both for her experimental self-portraiture and her suicide in 1981 at age 22.

Two unreleased photographs might not seem like news, but this display is a preview of some very good news:

This June, Francesca Woodman: The Artist’s Books, features eight books she made—really found books she remade or overlaid with photographs, inspired by Surrealist collage texts—between 1976 and 1980. The Foundation plans on opening a study centre early next year, which is around the time Gagosian New York will have a solo show.

These people live in that door

Francesca Woodman: The Artist’s Books is available at Amazon, so check out her work and make a purchase if you like it.

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