Behringer Edge, the Moog DFAM Clone

Behringer Edge

Oh, Uli. I paid full price for the Moog DFAM, and two years later you produce the Behringer Edge. Why must the synth gods taunt me?

Love ’em or hate ’em, Behringer made a name for itself producing cut-rate versions of synth classics. Time is catching up with technology, so now we have fewer classics and more new synthesizers from top brands. Enter the Edge, Behringer’s answer to Moog’s Drummer from Another Mother (DFAM.) Here are the specs, according to MusicRadar:

Edge is a monophonic analogue synth with dual VCOs that offer pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync, and FM. There‚Äôs also a multimode filter, dual 8-step sequencer, 15×10 patch matrix and a total of 44 controls for hands-on parameter tweaking. You can order it now for $199.

It may not look like a DFAM, but if you watch the video below and compare it to the DFAM, it’s pretty clear what Behringer is doing with the Edge. One thing worth noting is what the Edge has that the DFAM does not: Behringer gave the Edge MIDI in and out, while you have to buy an aftermarket MIDI product for the DFAM. Whatever one might think of Behringer’s business practices, the fact that something so basic in a modern synth is missing from the DFAM is eyebrow-raising, especially since the DFAM costs three times as much as the Edge.

But that’s enough of my soapbox. Behringer fills a much broader market than Moog (or Roland, or Korg, etc.) Give this one a look if you’ve wanted a DFAM but you don’t have that Moog budget.

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