Wes Anderson-Inspired Typeface, The Director’s Italic

The Director’s Italic typeface

Okay, this is super nerdy on my part, but here we go. Rushmore is my favorite movie and I have a weird fascination with typography, so The Director’s Italic typeface hit me in the right place:

Tropical Type’s The Directors Italic is a typeface that pays homage to Wes Anderson’s film typography. With its ornate italic style, this typeface offers a unique blend of retro curves and classic calligraphy, infusing your design projects with a touch of romantic flair. We’ll explore the distinctive features and charm of The Directors Italic typeface and discuss how pairing it with Futura can create an impactful Wes Anderson effect.

Read the whole thing, as the bloggers say. If you like what you see, download The Director’s Italic for your projects.

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